Starting a PDA Group

Please carefully consider the following before registering a group.

Questions to ask yourself: (Humans only - Ai not permitted to host meetings)

  • Am I prepared to commit to consistently hosting a meeting?

  • Should I look for someone else in my community to co-host a meeting with me?

  • Do I need to host a virtual, in person or hybrid meeting?

    • If the need is virtual- 

      • PDA uses Zoom as a platform for hosting meetings.

      • Consistent use of the same technology is vital in the success of our collective and member attendance.

      • Do you have a Zoom Account? 

      • Do you know how to use Zoom? (if not PDA as a whole will assist you in learning)

      • How will you pay for Zoom? (personally, donations, grants)

      • Do you have Wifi?

      • Is it unlimited or do you have to pay per GB?

      • Will you need funding for the internet and how will you pay for that? (personally, donations, grants)

    • If in person- 

      • Where will you host the meeting? 

      • Is there a free space that you can access?

      • If you have to rent a space, do you need insurance?

      • How will you cover the cost of the rental space and/or insurance? (personally, donations, grants)

      • Are there community grants available, will you ask for donations from members? 

      • Will you fund it yourself until you have established a group? 

      • Do you need to reach out to PDA the collective for assistance?

    • If the need is hybrid-

      • Does space have the technology equipment you need?

      • Will you provide the equipment?

      • If you need to purchase the equipment, how will you fund that? (personally, donations, grants)

      • Does the space have internet access? 

      • Is that access included in the use of the space?

Once we have answered all of those questions we need to now consider what demographic are we serving?

  • Is the meeting going to be open to all birthers, or just a specific lived and living experience?

    • For example, perhaps you just want to serve people struggling with trying to conceive, or addiction, or pregnancy loss and so on. 

    • It is important to consider if being exclusive is the best way to be inclusive to the needs of the community I wish to serve?

Now it is time to pick a name for your group.

  • It would be useful to pick one that easily identifies the group's goals and/ or demographic.

    • For example, Birthers in Recovery, Unity Among Birthers, Conception and Beyond, Hope After Loss, Steps to Mental Well Being, and so on.

Deciding on contact information.

  • Do you want to use your personal email and/or phone number or create a new email specific to your group?

  • Do you want to use a phone number generating app?

  • Do you want to communicate using WhatsApp?

What do you want and need to include in your registration?

  • You must include your group name and how to access the meeting, date and time of meeting and location.

  • How does a person get the meeting invite and/or meeting reminder email?

    • PDA suggests using a Mailchimp landing page. This allows members to subscribe and unsubscribe at their own will.

    • Additionally, having a Mailchimp “Audience” can be useful when needing to send out information other than a meeting invite.

    • If Virtual, do you want the direct link to the meeting posted on the website?

    • Do you want to post your email or phone number?

Now that you have all the questions answered, head to to register your group. It’s easy and there is a guided form to fill out. Once you are registered, your meeting will be listed on the PDA website. You will receive a free electronic information package to guide you in promoting your meeting and how PDA consistently operates meetings.

  • Remember to update your information if there are any changes. 

  • Please let PDA know if your group is no longer operational.

Fill service positions: (These positions can be filled over time on an as needed basis)

  • Host

    • Host meetings and sends out the meeting invites and informative emails.

    • Sends out the monthly financial report provided by the treasurer.

  • Group Service Representative (GSR)

    • Represents the groups voice at the Regional Level

  • Secretary

    • Keeps track of the attendance numbers per meeting.

    • Keeps track of each meeting's duration.

    • Keeps track of the number of shares per meeting

  • Treasurer

    • Manages the funds.

    • Looks for grant and/or funding to further the groups primary purpose, that is to reach and help as many birthers regain and maintain their mental well being.

    • Provides a monthly transparent report to the host of the group finances.

  • Literature Coordinator

    • When applicable manages “professional” printing of literature and getting it out to newcomers (see more about this in the literature section).

Ready to register?

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