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PDA does not limit members to a certain time frame of postpartum. If you are experiencing mental health challenges due to a pregnancy at any point in time, please join us.

Healing Together

Held virtually, Wednesday nights (North America) 8:15 Mountain Time. All Birthers and birthing experiences from any place in the world are welcome to attend.

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Consistent messaging throughout every PDA meeting is the key to our success. We must ensure that every member of the PDA collective is hearing the same message no matter where they attend a meeting. Staying consistently on brand with our promotional tools makes us stand out in a memorable way.

Therefore we:

  • Read only from Advisory Approved Literature (AAL) that is custom PDA content.

  • Use only the PDA logo and other PDA trademark images.

  • Use the PDA poster background when creating posters specific to our individual  groups' needs.

  • Never read literature from outside entities.

  • Use the suggested PDA script as a template to structure and present meetings, although encourage each group to adapt it as needed, to suit the needs of the group.

  • Must always practice “The Twelves”.

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