Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What’s up with font on your website?

A:You obviously have noticed the half bolded words all over our website. PDA consulted neurodivergent folks, people with dyslexia, other reading abilities and literacy experts and they told us that they didn’t feel the website and text in our literature was accessible to them. So we changed it, but before we changed it we asked abled people if it effected their ability access and hearing no objections we changed it. In short it was a matter of accessabilty and removing a barrier that was identified by lived experience.

Q: Is there an intake process?

A:  Nope. If you are experiencing mental health challenges as result of being a birther and/or pregnancy experience you are welcome to attend a meeting.

Q: Is it free?

A.  Yes.

Q: Is there a waitlist?

A:   Nope.

Q: Are the meetings limited by a maximum number of attendees?

A:  Nope. Although, if you personally are finding a group is too big for you, maybe you might want to consider starting another group.

Q: Can there be more than one meeting in a community?

A:  There is no limit to the amount of meetings started in a community. If the need is there, we encourage you to fill it. However, each  meeting is considered to be its own group. No, group can offer more than one meeting. A host can host multiple meetings, just ensuring each one is registered as its own group.

Q: What if I am trans?

A:  If you are birther struggling with mental health challenges in the pre- and postpartum period, you are welcome in PDA family.

Q: How long can I attend the meetings for?

A:   We encourage members to keep coming back even after their mental wellness has returned. So that they can show newcomers that there is hope. However you get to stay as long as you like and as much or as little. There is no expiration date.

Q:  What if my mental wellbeing has returned but I feel I need support years later to work through the past?

A:   You are more than welcome to attend. We will be supportive. It doesn’t matter if you are empty nesting and struggling with mental health challenges as a result of birthing a child. It doesn’t matter if it is from a pregnancy and/or pregnancy loss- postpartum is postpartum no matter how many years later the mental health challenges hit- they still hit.

Q: What if I am postpartum due to an abortion?

A:   This space is for you too and we will support you.

Q: What if I had a late term still birth?

A:   First off please allow us to acknowledge that you birthed a child and that child will always matter to us. You are welcome and we will see you.

Q: What if I gave my child up for adoption?

A:  This space is for you too and we welcome your lived experience in its authentic way.

Q: What if am struggling with trying to conceive?

A:  Yes - you too are also welcome in this space. We are here for you.

Q: What if I am needing a group that is specific to my lived experience with birthing?

A:   We invite you to register and start your own group, specific to your needs and lived and living experience. We will help you get it going. There is more information about that on our meetings page.

Q: What if I am incarcerated and can’t attend a virtual or in person meeting?  

A:  Request that a support person from the prison contact us at

Q: What if I am a surrogate?

A:  Wow. Hats off to you. We feel like Oprah at this point- ‘you get a welcome and you get a welcome and you get a welcome.’ But seriously, yes we are here for you too.

Q: What if I share something that is alarming and maybe needs attention?

A:    We have a very strict protocol response that must be adhered to. And is handled with care, compassion, trust and allows for self advocacy.  See “The Twelves” page of our website for more information.

Q: Can I a start PDA meeting anywhere in the world?

A:   Yes you can. The process for starting a group is the same no matter where you are, but it is important to make sure that your local laws allow for it.

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