Cultural Appreciation

PDA fully acknowledges the use of Indigenous teachings to guide the creation of our documents, website and literature. We use the Seventh Generation Principle and Seven Grandfather Teachings. 

The Seventh Generation approach is used in two ways. The first being to reflect on three generations prior, to evaluate what has and has not worked within the 12 step model. The next is to evaluate the current generation as a guide to hypothesize if current practices will take us in a relevant direction in the next three generations. We also use them traditionally by looking seven generations ahead to help us ask important questions about relevancy, safety, inclusion and the continuous modernization of society. 

The Seven Grandfather Teachings are our past, present and future. We will forever be guided by truth, humility, respect, love, courage, honesty and wisdom. As PDA grow, shifts and evolves, we will alway reflect on these teachings to ensure we are transforming, changing and planning in a meaningful way.

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