Diversity Statement

Diversity. What does this mean to the PDA Collective as a whole? 

  • It means that now and forever more, we will continuously welcome all communities of birthers. 

  • We will respond with humility, respect and action when our ideas of diversity and inclusion are challenged by acknowledging that scrutiny from others allows for growth. 

  • We will take to heart the needs of the people that are accessing and would like to access PDA

  • We understand that the needs of people are always changing, so we must allow our PDA collective to change with it.

  • We will continuously look for barriers to accessing the PDA program, so that we can remove any roadblocks with great speed.

  • We will act with compassion and empathy, never assuming we know the lived experience of communities other than our own. 

  • When making changes that will affect communities other than our own, we will be guided, solely, by that community.

  • In communities that are asking for truth and reconciliation, we will acknowledge, accept and take meaningful action towards it.

Our Logo


Sharing truthful, organic, relatable knowledge


helpful, effective, anonymous, rewarding tranquillity.” 

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